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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Life Drawing, College...

College work update, I've now been doing life drawing since just before christmas. Im finally becoming  slightly more relaxed at drawing her. I think it shows in my work.
I began with a simple pencil sketch. For some reason (probably because i didn't want to stare at her) the drawing i did was miniature! It was like she was floating in mid air. Alot of people said because of the scale, it was making the drawing visually impacting. The sense of lost emotions when looking at this floating figure. 

For my first attempt, i'm not completely disappointed! certainly room for improvement.

Second pencil sketch, A1. Still not completed. Next week I will definitely be applying my own style, perhaps a burst of colour. All this pencil is far too characterless and dull!

Week 3. My favourite so far. I can say i prefer working in colour, and in a more loser and abstract style.
I combined some of my favourite materials to work with, watercolours, acrylic paint, bright coloured pencils, chalks and brown paper! 

These are two blind drawings I managed to squeeze in at the end of the lesson. Probably my favourite of them all! simple yet effective I think

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