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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

ETSY SALE, Galaxy Cosmic Print Dr Martens, Summer sale!

UK Size 8
New, original Dr Marten Boots 1460
Gothic Purple and blue galaxy nebula hand painted boots.

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Multi coloured galaxy nebula hand painted boots
New, original Dr Marten Boots 1460

NOW £150.00

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thank you @drmartensofficial instagram!

Forgot to thank Dr Martens Official instagram for uploading an image of my galaxy Dr Marten boots!
I was so happy when i saw them and even more so when i was seeing the amount of likes and great comments! 11800 likes and over 200 comments!

Thanks again!
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FMP. Coming to an end!

I have now been doing my FMP (Final Major Project) For around 8 weeks now, even though it only feels like three! But i've been SO busy with finalising everything, i've completely forgot about updating my blog with what i'm doing for my fmp. Its a bit late to backtrack now, but heres some images of several pieces i will be including in my end of year show :D

My project name is 'Tempted to touch' Looking at these images, do you think you would have an instinctive urge and to want to touch these pieces? if your answer is yes, then my project has been successful. Now i need to focus on how the hell i'm going to display these bad boys! any suggestions?  

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Etsy Vintage Finds Section! SALE.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Life drawing etching.

Part of the quick life drawing session, I decided to create a 6min A5 etching. But I've just had an hours spare time and at long last, Its printed. For sure, the first print is my favourite. I think i'm on my own as every time I ask for a second opinion, they ask me if something went wrong in the printing process. Its experimental, colourful. Different than the normal etching. I Like. I like it that much, i'm making a space for it in my portfolio!

This was a red etching ink, combined with extender and then combined with some black in the cleaning process .


That's all for today...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MORE Life Drawing...

Todays session was my last quick sketch lessons. The final two lessons will be spent on one pose, one large piece (which i'm excited about) I'm thinking large A0 acrylic perhaps? Any Suggestions?
Anyway, Todays lesson was slightly different to the previous. The drawings were still quick 3-6 minutes however, each image was influenced by a variety of music, of different speeds and emotional impact. I was surprised in the awesome music my teacher played! i was expecting classical, however we had a mixture of kenyan beats, 90's hard core drum and bass and Radio Read! FUN LESSON!

I like the elbow...

Probably my favourite, so much movement and full bodied, if that makes sense? :/ . Probably because I created it whist The Specials was playing.  

Collage, fineliner on card.
Yes...I replaced the nipple for an eye.

Water colour on wood

Mixed media on tracing paper.

Mixed media

Boobies :') 

Thats all for today. Adios.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mid Year Exhibition.

Mid year exhibition. Not long and soon ill be setting up my FMP, waving goodbye to college and entering UNIVERSITY life. Scary but excited.:)

Luckily enough, we were provided a great space at The Works In the city centre of Birmingham, A small walk away form the Birmingham Bullring, Markets and Custard Factory. We began to put up the work on Monday....and the exhibition was on wednesday night! So a very short amount of time to organise things, however, the tutors put in a lot of thought and effort to get it up in time. 
The mid year show is about being able to experience exhibiting our own art work. whether thats fine art, photography or ceramics, its a great dry run at our FMP. its certainly got me thinking about what i could possibly do for my FMP and how i would perhaps lay it out ext, and in fact this experience has given me an idea of what I could base my thoughts on. 
Anyway, the night was a success, there was food, wine and entertainment. I also received some great feedback about my work!

Some 2D illustrations from my sketchbook, to support the 3D work

My favourite piece. I lightly glazed the porcelain fragments from one of the bowls that got damaged when in the kiln. The image doesn't do it justice, however, i got my dad to knock up a 10x10 wooden plinth which i then painted white, inside and out and installing a light inside and used a sheet of clear perspex as the lid. 

Very very very pleased with how everyones work looked.
My favourite pieces would have to be by a ceramic artist, Mykayla. She created this range of organic inspired sculptures. The glazing was full of depth and so much texture and intriguing surface finish. So hard to not touch!  

Thats all for today.