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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MORE Life Drawing...

Todays session was my last quick sketch lessons. The final two lessons will be spent on one pose, one large piece (which i'm excited about) I'm thinking large A0 acrylic perhaps? Any Suggestions?
Anyway, Todays lesson was slightly different to the previous. The drawings were still quick 3-6 minutes however, each image was influenced by a variety of music, of different speeds and emotional impact. I was surprised in the awesome music my teacher played! i was expecting classical, however we had a mixture of kenyan beats, 90's hard core drum and bass and Radio Read! FUN LESSON!

I like the elbow...

Probably my favourite, so much movement and full bodied, if that makes sense? :/ . Probably because I created it whist The Specials was playing.  

Collage, fineliner on card.
Yes...I replaced the nipple for an eye.

Water colour on wood

Mixed media on tracing paper.

Mixed media

Boobies :') 

Thats all for today. Adios.

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