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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Textiles Journey Project...

So, for my textiles project the theme given was "journey" I couldn't think of a past journey that i would want to recreate through textiles, so i decided to create a visual diary for the month of February.
So, i started of by brainstorming the potential outcomes i could create if i was to chose to make a visual diary.
i then began researching several artists like the amazing Rosie James, Sue Stone, Alice Kettle and mannnyyy more for some inspiration in there textile techniques and steps and materials used to create a final piece.

Once all the boring stuff was done, i began making some sketches of random segments of each day. I would do a quick sketch in my A5 textiles book so i could work from these images when it comes to doing something textily .
here are some of the drawings...

Self portrait of me and my dog

'The only way I can escape is through music and art'

Crazy French woman at the market...

Sacre Coueur, Paris.
What a beautiful building right.?

Two old ladys at the bus stop bitching about sumat. 

The tray of instruments when i had my wisdom teeth removed. I know. Ouch.

Several fashion illustrations from a fashion show.

Stuck it in Photoshop and messed around with the colours then duplicated the same images but adjusting the size and overlapping them

Starbucks Mug. Mmm

Here are several of the finished textiles pieces I will include in my final piece. I have used a variation of techniques but mainly free hand embroidery .

This is a lino print onto calico, then sewn into to bring out certain elements.


Close up, check out that metallic thread :D

New Dr Marten Shoes, A bit of appliqué there as well 

The two old ladies were done or a sheer see through material. Looks really nice actually.

Once I have more done and the final piece done, I will upload some more images.

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